Annie Duke – The Celebrity Apprentice

Annie Duke Will Be Tweeting On
The CelebApprentice Twitter Account Sunday Night April 26 9PM (???)

OK .. so I got hooked on Celebrity Apprentice.
I’ve enjoyed all 8 episodes so far.
No comment about the “philosophy” involved … it’s entertainment.

Best line this week.
Annie Duke describes herself as the perfect woman ..
She can cook, take care of her children (4) AND she gives a great xxxx job.

XXXX Job Video

Hard to argue with that. And she didn’t even mention POKER.
She also WON her competition and raised $245,000 for her charity.

TRUTH IS – Annie Duke Is A Very Special Person

Annie Duke’s Website
Annie Duke’s Blog

To Say Nothing Of Her Ability To Think Or Speak Well

Smartest Mob EVER!

Smartest Mob EVER Part2!

Smartest Mob EVER Part3!

Smartest Mob EVER Part4!

Playing To Win
New! Interactive SoCooL Network Site
Win A Million Playing Poker … that’s ONE of the things I’d like to do!

SoCô¿ôL TV


There’s a chance, just a chance I hope, that “controversy” could become a more dominant theme in Celebrity Apprentice. Like it isn’t already? If I could add my two cents, and isn’t it SoCô¿ôL that “we” can ô¿~

Two Cents

I just sent my network the following:

I just sent Joan Rivers

“And that’s supposed to be funny? re: Hitler”

Joan Rivers Apologizes To Hitler

And I made this comment on Annie Duke’s Blog

I believe that “the lesson here” is going to be, needs to be about FORGIVENESS. As a mom, Annie and others, you can make a choice. Is this world going to be about retribution, getting even, winning at all costs … or is there a greater mission? If FORGIVENESS is important, then when should it take place? Tomorrow? When “the other person” does this or that? Or should it begin in ALL of our HEARTS today and every day … for ourselves and each other.

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And The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

Susan Boyle Replacing Annie Duke At Ultimate Bet


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