Susan Boyle – To Embed Or Not To Embed ( Videos That Is )

To Embed Or Not To Embed

It’s May 25 Now
Apparently it’s OK to embed Susay Boyle and any other Britain’s Got Talent Videos.
Whoopeee … Britain’s Got Talent has now got their own channel.
Have You? You probably should!

“The Susan Effect”
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It’s A Daily View – 04/17/09

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Should Video Distributors, Record Companies And Others Allow Embedding Of YouTube Videos?

There are REASONS for the embedding thing … and apparently there are REASONS not to allow it?

With permission to embed, anyone can post the video in question, in many places on the internet around the world. One person can send another person a direct link to the video with a picture and a description.The video will even play in some emails. (Like Any Yahoo Email)

The Susan Boyle original video “did just fine,” is doing just fine in many ways.

Day One … everybody was talking about it, sending it, showing it on US TV, etc.
Last I heard, 22,500,000 views.

However, denying the momentary pleasure of allowing ANYONE to distribute the video actually lessens the benefits being received. (My Opinion) That’s the end result of NOT sharing ô¿~

Have they given permission to embed the original video, yet?

Just One Version
Available On YouTube
. They did for a moment. Or .. I guess they didn’t.

Isn’t it a pain NOT to be able to CONTROL what other people do?

So How Come they let them play it on Larry King .. but not on SoCooL.Com?


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