SoCooL – Annie Duke – Joan Rivers – The Celebrity Apprentice – Controversy – And Forgiveness

SoCô¿ôL Bob – 5/10/09

What A “Unique” Experience!
This Has Become Quite The Story

And It’s Not Over Yet.
5/10 4:04PM PDT
5/12 3:33PM PDT
5/17 1:14PM PDT

We’ve always had the ability to “follow” people, places and things,
in many different ways. Never before has this ability been so “intimate”
… so “immediate.”

SoCô¿ôL has watched Celebrity Apprentice 2.
On a regular basis, SoCô¿ôLBob has also watched YouTube highlights, watched other written and video highlights and descriptions,
read AND INTERACTED with blogs of all kinds including an excellent blog from
one of the continuing stars of the show. Many of those links are documented
and can be viewed RIGHT FROM HERE.

SoCô¿ôL Bob has communicated individually and directly with “principals” of
the show on an almost equal footing with fellow “fans.”

Heck – the two “protagonists” … “finalists” BOTH Tweet regularly, including
the 75 year old “WOMAN” who looks and walks a lot like “one of my moms.”

Happy Mother’s Day!

Annie Duke tweets about 40 times a day … every day … at least. She regularly uploads pictures from anywhere and everywhere “stuck on the tarmac again” …
“this is the lady who’s helping me find stuff to wear” … “this is dinner with the gay guys from room 702” … and here’s @UglyJoe.

Heck – @RealAnnieDuke Tweet Followers get a close up glimpse of the
chimps on Annie’s balcony during a recent vacation, and her kids flying
On kites … LIVE … CANDID … Real Time … Way Better Than “Polaroids”
from Costa Rica.

Hi. it’s me, from inside my car. Look what I see, what I’m doing, in New York, in LA.
RIGHT NOW! Can you believe we bumped into Phil Helmuth?

Hi Annie @RealAnnieDuke
Good Luck Annie @RealAnnieDuke
@socoolbob Thanks SoCô¿ôL Bob

Thank You

Greetings from a boat overlooking the New York Harbor.

Greetings from my studio penthouse high atop a garage in Santa Rosa, CA
Is it any wonder that some might feel like they are almost there?

World Peace

@CelebApprentice Will Be Tweeting During The Finale
Finale Preview

Donald Trump Has Not Decided Yet 5/10 Sunday Morning


I just sent Joan Rivers

“And that’s supposed to be funny? re: Hitler”

The Rest Of The Story
Joan Rivers Apologizes To Hitler
And The Hits Just Keep On Coming!

4/26 The Rest Of The Story?

Wiggle Room?

Seems to be an “important” topic.
From Joan Rivers On Twitter

# Hey, poker playing is a very noble profession. Florence Nightingale was torn between nursing and a career playing Texas Hold ’em

# I have nothing against poker players. Have you seen the cards? Everyone knows I love queens!

# Poker players calm down! I was referring to one poker player as white trash, not all of them. So everybody in the poker world…CALM DOWN!

# Shooting another episode of Nip/Tuck this week. Details to follow.

# I’m taping the Ellen DeGeneres show right now to be on the air tomorrow!

Ellen, Joan And Melissa

“Got a call from Annie Duke. She heard Melissa & Joan were here. She wants to respond. I said yes, but I was bluffing. She’ll be on Monday.”

“@HK14 hey. Did you have something to do with this? If so tyty. If not I love you anyway.”

@RealAnnieDuke YES – i was at ellen on tuesday and pitched you to the producers at Ellen to have you on. They were going to wait to see who who won first but told them you were great and should be a guest”

Share photos on twitter with Twitpic

Annie Duke On Ellen

The Final Two

The Donald

We’ve Met Our Children

And They’re US

Annie Duke’s Last Celebrity Apprentice Blog

A Fan Starts A Website
Final (?) Re-Actions?

NOT JUST A Poker Player Anymore

Mother Of The Year ô¿~

RT @SoCooLBob @RealAnnieDuke … Open Hearts Open Minds Fair Minded Words Take that Annie Duke / Joan Rivers / God Bless You Both!

Thank You Elizabeth Edwards for these words,
“Forgiveness Is A Gift We Give Ourselves”


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