Dream Job


Look HOW Many Videos?
I haven’t seen them all but this is my “favorite” so far.

As I approach applying for this job I have several thoughts including:

1) These folks are doing A Really GOODE Job!

a) The A Really Goode Job website has MORE TRAFFIC than SoCô¿ôL.Com, and I’ve been publishing on the internet for 14 years.
b) A Really Goode Job website is getting twice as much traffic as The Murphy-Goode Website
c) They’ve got some 500+ applicants already … each of them submitting a video …
d) The website is very well designed, including great graphics.


2) We both have a Goode Name ô¿~
(SoCooL.Com – Robert Kennedy)

3) I do have a philosophical presentation about what I would recommend …
and complete humility about the notion that these people may be “out of my league,” may chose a different direction, and/or at the very least, it’s about the ODDS.
What are the odds that one of US will win the WSOP?

What the heck? Let’s address that philosophical thought right away.
I would recommend investing the money in this position in “promoting others.”
It is certainly a natural and understanding tendency to want to spend one’s money in promotion, promoting oneself. It’s kind of what “we” do. Me “too.” However, I believe that the greatest benefit could be derived by considering the positive aspects of our community, other people and the world and then pursue things that would
benefit ALL. Like putting Murphy-Goode’s Goode Name on this kind of video.

Oh, Look. “Save It For The End.” (In Memory Of Dom DeLoise)
I did.

4) I wonder how much the LOVE of POKER will have to do with this decision?

5) I’d sure like to be a fly on the wall, when this promotion was conceived, planned and now, as it’s executed. SoCô¿ôL Bob is “in the house.”

6) My video will probably be different than almost every video I’ve seen. That could be Goode ô¿~

7) I’m really good at incorporating repetition of a Goode thought … I think it’s SoCô¿ôL!

8) I wonder if Mr. Ready knows I’m great friends with Annie Duke? … well, I wonder if Mr. Ready knows I’m a BIG FAN of Annie Duke’s? And Daniel Negreaneau? And Poker Stars? I wonder if Mr. Ready knows I could do wonderful things with the combination of this job and the Poker World? I wonder if Mr. Ready knows I could do wonderful things with the combination of this job and Sonoma County? I wonder if Mr. Ready knows I could contribute some really Goode things with the combination of this job, The Murphy-Goode Winery and the world?

I’d Rather Be Lucky And Goode ô¿~

9) It will be SoCô¿ôL, really Murphy-Goode, if he does.

10) I suspect my most important INTENTION is to DO MY BEST to promote SoCô¿ôL, SoCô¿ôLBob, SoCô¿ôLTV, Positive Things, etc., in the way I pursue the very long odds of getting THIS Job. Who else might benefit from hiring SoCô¿ôL Bob ? I may not WIN the “tournament,” but if I proceed correctly, I should finish “in the money.” I hope.




I don’t really “need” $10,000 Per Month. I could suggest/take advantage of some “Goode” ways to use the $ to benefit myself and others ô¿~

Currently Getting One Video Application Every Two Hours 5/20 2:39PM PDT


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