Internet Duplication

Kind of amazing, this principle of duplication.
Just like in the old days, computers are capable of finding and duplicating and presenting elsewhere. Videos are systematically duplicated by many websites … and given priority in search tools including Google.

Search and see videos on any subject quickly.

Now, what we see are two duplications of this entire video and the entire description .. neither of which I had anything to do with that I know of. I suspect it’s a computerized situation where a computer found this video based on keywords and published it, along with the description. That’s a guess.

The fact remains, there’s the video and the entire description, with keywords … one in what foreign country? BTW … these are both high traffic websites.

SoCooL Work Wanted – Internet – Video – Marketing – Promotion | Vendre Sur Internet

SoCooL Work Wanted – Internet – Video – Marketing – Promotion |

Will this increase my Google Website Ranking?
YouTube Channel Ranking? Anything Else?

Becoming Quite The Story
SoCooL VLog BLog

One Of The Great Pleasures In Life
Is The Setting Of Positive Goals And Achieving Them
Bob Kennedy … SoCooLBob
Welcome To SoCooL, SoCoOL TV And The SoCooL Network
The SoCooL Network
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