Get Ready For The Next Thing – The Wave

Get Ready For The Next Thing …
The Wave …

The Wave

SoCô¿ôL TV News
It’s A Daily View – 06/01/09

SoCô¿ôL Watches The News, Reports On The News,
Appears In The News, Creates The News

So Do You!

Empire Report
Personally, I’m believing that the “model” as represented by
The Empire Report and others is “going to work.”

There are many, many, many exciting things happening in the
communications world today. If you’ve been involved in thoughts
on this subject matter for a long time, as I have, the excitement
is the recognition that the connection between communicators
has never been better … and it is and will continue to get better.

The day when the communicator, however LARGE in terms of
recognition, or audience, or financial power, or any other measure,
is isolated from the “receiver of the communication” is OVER.

It’s Done.

Communication now is at least two way, multi-way interactive
so that if I say A and you agree, you are and will be free to
EXPRESS YOURSELF, be heard and be counted as having
participated, many times in the same forum where the expression
is made. If you watch, have watched this video on Google’s
“The Wave,” then you see that the forum changes, expands and
contracts, remains connected, becomes separated, based on
actions of the participants. Perhaps, as important as the
improvement in communications this represents is to recognize
that this too will become …


O’Reilly says that guy/gal/dog is “A Patriot.”
You say, and the same people see, “No, he’s NOT”
or “Yes, Amen.” In real time, with demographics.
What do your friends think about what he said?

The best news for a communicator like SoCô¿ôLBob is
that in his mind and probably many others, this is a get
better thing, daily. Not to worry! It’s getting better and
will get better! Get On With It!

“PowerTwitter Is Pithy”

To understand a part of what’s coming.
It keeps getting better, and better and better.

Google Wave Developer Preview at Google I/O 2009
Google Wave Developer Preview presentation at the Day 2 Keynote of Google I/O. To learn more visit Google

Communication In The Browser The Next Way

Throughout my life and after I shall endeavor to share the joy of
communication in this and other ways. It is the joy of a child who
desired a toy he couldn’t have, dreamed/prayed he could, would.
Now he has. It’s his.

Becoming Quite The Story

One Of The Great Pleasures In Life
Is The Setting Of Positive Goals And Achieving Them
Bob Kennedy … SoCooLBob


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