What’s So CooL About SoCooL?

January 21, 2012
This isn’t the page I was trying to post To So CooL SoCooL The Good Times

I am trying to post the Blog, though I haven’t used it much in the last several years.  I  have recently added The Good Times to SoCooL Communications and I can add a Blog posting and have it included in the broader newspaper.

What’s  So CooL about SoCooL?
Among many things, it’s primarily positive.
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SoCooL Love

So CooL remains an Incredibly popular combination of words … I oft comment on how often the most popular stories of the day get tagged by someone putting the words so cool in the first sentence … You can see a very partial video presentation of just some of the opportunities people have taken to repeat the words So CooL Indeed, there are now many, many references to So CooL in many different venues. Yes, there is a well used hashtag #socool on Twitter.


The words so cool are very popular in several different  Oriental (?) countries and in other countries throughout the world where English is not their first or even second language.

To Date I’m still not certain why that is, but concentrating adding SoCooL to my repertoire has certainly been worthwhile. Other people obviously find it worthwhile as well.
SoCooL Pickup
China’s Great Wall Auto Manufacturer manufacturers a truck named SoCooL.

Becoming Quite The Story

One Of The Great Pleasures In Life
Is The Setting Of Positive Goals And Achieving Them

Bob Kennedy … SoCooLBob
SoCooL Network


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