Back In The Chemotherapy Barrel

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Among other things, SoCooLBob is a cancer survivor. So far, the description of my disease includes recurrent, low grade, Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma. While it is not curable, it is “manageable” and for the most part not life threatening. It does, however, when it recurs, require me to do additional rounds of chemotherapy , this time with a newly approved drug which specifically addresses the combination of symptoms and previous treatments that I’ve “got/had” and demonstrates the potential to work better/longer with little suggestion of worse side effects.This treatment regimen does not require the addiition of Prednisone, which could reduce those side effects, maybe even significantly.

Thank you for your prayers!

I will begin this round of chemo on Thursday and Friday, September 3,4 … then again three weeks later, probably for 18 weeks.

So Far So Good … DAY TWO …. 9-4 1:05
So Far So Good … DAY THREE … 9-5 23:29

It means I might be down a little for those days, but, in the past, it generally has been pretty manageable, ( I have worked for The Sonoma-Marin Fair while doing chemo) especially as it relates to doing the things I do from home/office/studio. Video editing, video programming, YouTubing, Tweeting, blogging, web design, etc. I am definitely still available to shoot video locally, and/or produce, edit, encode, broadcast, etc.
And, yes, I still have the warm and wonderful internet personality that has been interacting with folks worldwide since 1995 ô¿~

It also means that the extra income I earn is becoming even more important.
What I need is a few clients who can take advantage of my services for relatively
small fees.

Yes, it means I can work for less if it works for you.

What I do continues to improve and expand resulting in more
web traffic on SoCooL.Com, more traffic for my clients, more traffic from
my own MOOOTube.Com, more traffic and influence from being a columnist
and having a North Bay Video Player on Empire Report.Org … more traffic
from Tweets and Facebook and from constant communication with a lot of
different folks around the world and in the North Bay.

I would love to hear if you thought it appropriate for me to do some work for
you now. I can work for cheap and still get some very positive results.

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SoCooLBob Thumbs Up

SoCooLBob Thumbs Up

Day Four … Very touch day. Pain in stomach. Actual vomitting. The first time I’ve really vomited in six rounds of chemotherapy. Day Five .. Same thing. You know
things are a bit uncomfortable when you do not have the ability to leave the bedroom
to go to the living room to play poker or Tweet ô¿~
Day 6 … Alive … No more vomiting. Still pain in the stomach. Extreme Fatigue. I am up and in the living room editing, Tweeting and playing poker.


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