SoCooL – So CooL Tribute To Norton Buffalo

SoCooL – So CooL Tribute To Norton Buffalo



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December 1, 2009

I wrote this letter today addressing some of the friends of Norton Buffalo and some
of the friends at the Sonoma-Marin Fair. As a regular participant in the creative process, I totally understand and believe that IT IS THE THOUGHT that counts. As we each individually act on these positive thoughts … we may actually come together and do some of the things that would be possible if we did …

Whatever we do … let’s continue to do the best we can at creating our spaces full of the kind of love and peace expressed by this man and so many of his friends.

Yo Friends At The Sonoma-Marin Fair

I wanted to write just briefly today about another very positive
experience SoCooLBob has had with his camera and soon with
his “editing” machines.

I attended and video taped about three hours of the Norton Buffalo
Tribute held in Sonoma.

It was an extremely positive experience.

Among the many important things was the notion that a certain portion of the “Sonoma County” music “people” were present … celebrating the life of one of their Number One “icons” … and celebrating music.

There are many positive thoughts currently, about the notion of
continuing this event annually … The Buffalo Fest … etc.
I definitely support those thoughts.

In addition, I certainly became re-aware, that SoCooL has at least
an hour of previous footage of Norton Buffalo … including what I would call some very high quality video of Norton And The Knockouts appearance at the 2001 Sonoma-Marin Fair.

As you know, I had discussed briefly with Norton the notion of using video of one of his songs, “Buffalo Cajun Mambo” in this years YouTube video presentation on … and also spoke to him briefly about what he called “my niche” … the creation and distribution of all kinds of video, especially including video presented by others.

Indeed, I created and showed him something similar to what now appears on

There are all kinds of additional positive thoughts that come to mind … and … as you know … if these thoughts are not necessarily the kind that others might choose to act on … I’m OK.

However …

The thought is … the creation of a special DVD of those Sonoma-Marin Fair videos and/or others that might be sold through the auspices of SoCooLTV, Sonoma-Marin Fair and others … as a fund raiser for the Norton Buffalo Scholarship now being created to further support Sonoma County Music. “We” could, perhaps, even make it a fund raiser for “SoCooLTV.”

If it were possible to consider and act upon the notion of having
a Sonoma-Marin Fair Buffalo Fest, ( on the first day of the fair ) a gathering of Sonoma-Marin (North Bay) musicians, including some very special (and hi tech) presentations that would … of course … also end up on YouTube.

… I would definitely support that notion and give my best to help it be equally special.
Your thoughts.

Plenty of time to consider.
CC: to important parties
Merry! Merry!

Celebration Of A Life
Oakland, CA January 22, 23


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