So CooL SoCooL SoCooLTV TV Show And Sponsors

A Day Or Four In The Life Of SoCooLTV Sponsors

The American People

The beauty of networking and cross promotion the way it works for
SoCooLTV sponsors and their customers.

I’m sending you three videos, by email and now posting in a blog, which are also referenced
in several different SoCooLTV TV Shows.

SoCooLTV covers, news, sports, politics, among other things,
in more than one TV Show. These clips show up in more than one
of those shows. They show up on Facebook with a direct link to me
and any number of other websites, including different TV Shows,
with sponsor’s logos on them, including the sponsors web
address and it’s TV show.

ONE of the Number One stories on the planet this day is the first day of
availability of George W. Bush’s new book, “Decision Points”

Kind of one of the things life is all about, huh? Reading Books.
Making Decisions. Kind of one of the things SoCooL and setting
positive goals and achieving them is all about, huh?
Kind of what those other two videos are all about also, huh?
A local “decision” made by a “landlord” affecting a positive member of
our “community,” and his “positive” response.

The third video is a different choice video, in a different “community” …
piano playing at the Mayo Clinic. SoCooL? What would that look like
in Petaluma? Where? In your town? Who? Cotati?

Congratulations to all our SoCooL Sponsors ( we would like to have more )
For the method by which your name, your web address, your TV show
is being circulated locally, and everywhere, over and over,
in a primarily positive way.

Interested in buying this book?
Can I get it ONLINE?
Can I get it ONLINE at ???
Click And Find Out is just one more of the shows your link
appears on …
that and and
and many others

The direct links to those many others are being added to each,
in the same way
as we speak including they are currently listed from with links to many, many other pages and shows
including yours, including


socoolbooks has shared a video with you on YouTube:
Decision Points by George W. Bush
Decision Points is the extraordinary account of America’s 43rd president. Shattering the conventions of political autobiography, George W. Bush offers a strikingly candid journey through the defining decisions of his life. More info:

© 2010 YouTube

socoolbob has shared a video with you on YouTube:
Petaluma Pete Kid’s Korner – 11.06.10 –
Pete teaches the kids about sharing after his piano is evicted by a scary out-of-town deed-holder.
901 Cherry Ave, San Bruno, CA 94066

socoolbob has shared a video with you on YouTube:
Mayo Clinic Piano Magic “Smile When Your Heart Is Breaking”. Wheel Chair Dancer..
The piano player at Mayo Clinic in Rochester,MN Tuesday played “Smile When Your Heart Is Breaking”. But the person that stole my heart was the girl in a wheel chair dancing to the music. It was beautiful. I talked with Shelley Knothe, the dancer and Mary Houk, the girl signing, and the piano player Jane, on Tuesday and it was a” Blessed” day! People stopped to sing along and enjoy the music.The Mayo Clinic is a place where miracles happen, but,Tuesday,God showed up at the piano!


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