So CooL SoCooL And A Profitable Future

2/2/2012 Happy Days Update

I’m not feeling too terribly terrific TODAY … I won’t go into detail. It is, however, Ground Hog Day, International Toilet Roll Day (Or Practice), yesterday, I just found out was Ladies in Sports Day … so …

YOU at least deserve a Special Howdy !!!



January 27, 2012
Disappointment Update
January 26th issue of  So CooL SoCooL – The Good Times Featured Stories got deleted by ME … Argh.  Lesson learned = Sometimes “The Paper” doesn’t do it’s programmed automatic update as planned and one has to manually initiate that update before beginning to create “So CooL SoCooL – The Good Times” for the next day.

The disappointment, the anxiety … the, the, the … Testing 1,2,3,4 is “merely” the advanced version of “forgot to save” and/or hitting the “delete” key … and/or the time I “accidentally” began a process to delete EVERY YouTube video that had been uploaded to my primary YouTube channel.  Fortunately, I caught it in time and only deleted about 50 recoverable videos.  The additional “anxiety” is the work necessary to re-create how those 50 videos, these 50 stories, got there in the first place.

NOW HERE’S The Rest Of The Stories – So CooL SoCooL VLog Blog

SoCooLTV = One Terrific Daily TV Show and a wonderful introduction to nearly 100 More

So CooL SoCooL The Good Times
= One Wonderful Newspaper and a great ice breaker for conversation.

SoCooLBob Facebook = One Wonderful Conversation

Private Message To XXX, XXX and others.

I don’t know if you’ve thought at all lately about SoCooL, SoCooLBob, etc. … but … following the principle of adding one more good thing, following the notion that technology continues to improve what I do, if I do, So CooL SoCooL now has a number of highly upgraded pages,  nearly 100 primarily positive television shows, AND an auto and manually updated newspaper which also features primarily positive stories, photos and videos.


It’s really quite incredible including considering it’s all put together by a 66 year old currently disabled cancer patient.

What it lacks is much time for me to attempt to sell something … LIKE support from community oriented business people.

Any ideas ?
WoW what a Facebook TIMELINE
cc YOU

There must be something(s) more I can do to generate more community and financial support?


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