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So CooL SoCooL Has A Black Belt In Desktop Broadcasting !!!

Update 2/15/2012

What Is So CooL SoCooL?

Communications is the number one skill people use to help self and others achieve positive goals.  Communication is two-way, multi-way; we have more ears than we have mouths; the best communication is interactivity; the best result is mutually achieved goals.

It’s So CooL SoCooL when we arrive on the same page.

It’s So CooL SoCooL when we think positively about setting and achieving positive goals.

It’s So CooL SoCooL when we do our best To Do one more good thing to achieve them.

In Many Languages !!!

Keep Up The Good Works !!!

Update 2/8/12

*** Some Commercials Are So CooL SoCooL er Than Others !!!

In the Facebook version of this posting the video would start at :17 in …  In the VLOG BLOG version you’ll have to do that “manually.”   Sorry Grace.

SoCooL is a 17 year old website that began as a part of the one more good thing it’s founder could do to communicate positive things. It began as a single page, became a page per day, over a lot of days, each dedicated to one form of human motivation or another.   In the early days  it grew to include a daily newspaper, with about 12 Sections … News, Sports, Politics, Religion, Entertainment, Music, Community, Self Improvement, Health, Weather, Game Show, Technology, etc. These were primarily links pages, with some opportunities to interact.  In the beginning, it was hard to find places to link. When you told people about what it was a LOT didn’t know what you were talking about.  A LOT of people didn’t seem to want to know … and said so.

Additional pages grew up as “issues” and “motivations” came up.  New pages celebrated holidays and other human events. Community issues and events pages grew.  Music pages grew.  “How To Become More Successful” is and was pursued.

In the early days, pages were primarily words.  Pictures became more exciting ’cause they could be done and ’cause they were worth 1,000 words each … although it did take longer for them to load. An animation was more than one picture contained in one picture file …. it could take forever to work.  Some people would complain some times.

TODAY SoCooL continues to be motivated by doing one more good thing to communicate.  Almost every web page has been converted into a television show that contains as many as 200 separate videos produced by self and others locally and Around The World. Exciting? 30 pictures per second, plus sound, on every subject, every motivation, every kind of human experience … multiplied by 1 MILLION …  EVERY SECOND … and doubling.

AND INTERACTIVE with comments and videos we and others “collaborate” on.

TODAY, the newspaper, by the same name, has returned, this time serviced by 1,000’s of spotters, organized and delivered daily to us by others and organized in one place.  Where in the early days there were ZERO news organizations even participating, TODAY, there are 1,000’s more organizations and millions more individuals providing content of all types, including the primarily positive that SoCooL prefers.

What is So CooL SoCooL?

TODAY, more than ever and continuously growing, it’s what YOU and millions of others think it is and say so, daily,  in every language  … So CooL!

The Last Word ( Is Yours) Is So CooL SoCooL !!!


Every week,  (The Last Word) will post a new cartoon on Watch Sonoma County and invite YOUto write the caption. Enter the contest by posting your caption below. Vote for your favorite by clicking “thumbs up” or “thumbs down” on each entry.

Positive INTERACTIVITY IS So CooL SoCooL !!!

Being Continued – A Work In Progress – More Primarily Good Things Ongoing


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