What’s So CooL SoCooL About SoCooL RIGHT NOW?

Update 2/25 – Video Recording Glasses


Lady Takes The Pole – Go Danika


TESTING 1,2,3,4

I watched Joyce Meyer First TODAY, I am upgrading So CooL SoCooL The Good Times as we speak.  For the First Time I did a YouTube God, Today search and came up with “Thank God For Google 53 of 366” which you see here.

This experience, this Testing 1 has already led to new “in sights” … a deeper understanding of what IS and how So CooL SoCooL can relate … a new habit …  I will continue with steps 2,3,4 and I will ADD the God, Today YouTube search to my daily routine.

Want To Help Make The World A Better Place? 


The Formula Exists

It’s Working

Know That You

And We

Are A Part Of It !!! 

So CooL SoCooL

2/22/2012 UPDATE What Is So CooL SoCooL RIGHT NOW?

I’m told TODAY is Ash Wednesday,  Empty Toilet Roll Day, and National Tequila Day …. The Golden Rule For TODAY = Each one helps the other!

So CooL SoCooL  has been based on a set of simple principles and a number of To Do’s doing one’s best to achieve a particular positive goal.

Over the course of several years, many good things have been added.

The secret has been and will continue to be setting positive goals and doing one’s best To Do one more positive thing to achieve them. The mantra has been … anything a human being can do once, they can do over and repeat it enough to make a positive habit of it.  Anything a computer can do once,  it can do over and over simply by pushing a button, or not, automatically, repeatedly with the same multiplied positive results.

  • Communication is  the number one skill. 
  • Positive Communication in groups is the goal.
  • Consult with masters.

Whether you even have a specific goal in mind at the time, hanging out 7/24 with the longest primarily positive, constantly updating, real life LIVE Human To Do list will help … can’t hurt! Yes?

  • Which of the stories, which of the pictures, which of the videos these 1,000’s of providers supply is the Coolest NOW?  Now? Now?
  • What is So CooL SoCooL About SoCooL RIGHT NOW?
  • So CooL SoCooL things happen as we multiply positives?

February 21, 2012 … So CooL Update Posted On Facebook and other places Around The World

I posted this to an internet friend this morning.  I could post a similar message to just about anyone, including YOU! Know anyone who can benefit from, put to use, a system that’s designed to help everyone increase their positives ???

Check out mine, if you would.
Nearly 100 primarily positive television shows … 50,000 plus videos included in all shows.
An automated and manually edited news system which includes news stories, photos and videos with an emphasis on the primarily positive.
Things good that can and are added by 1.000’s daily.


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