What’s So CooL SoCooL Next?

We’re Having A Meeting … 7 Days A Week / 24 Hours A Day
It’s About Multiplying Positives
How we doin’ so far?


Testing 1,2,3,4 … THIS IS A TEST!

This blog page is a current work in progress …. 2/27/2012 … 12pm PST YOU are definitely invited to http://participate.socool.com !!!

The most important thing about this blog, TODAY, right NOW is YOU.

You and your To Do’s are the missing ingredient that will determine the ultimate current and future success of a goal set more than 35 years ago.


So CooL SoCooL Is Interacting With YOU

Success at so many things involves a progressive combination of repeatable action steps. It’s as SIMPLE as 1,2,3,4.

What Will You / We Become?

It’s So CooL SoCooL to begin by saying  as conceived and experienced by this former public speaker, Dale Carnegie Instructor, sales person,  sales/ finance/ general manager,  sales/public speaking/management trainer, web publisher, television producer, single father, community appreciator So CooL SoCooL Network creator,  lifelong student of human behavior etc.

A Great Deal Of The Work Is Done …

The creation of a positive goal setting and achieving “machine” that functions in the lives of real people individually, locally and worldwide is complete. This “machine” as designed and now functioning is the current So CooL         expression of Positives In … So CooL SoCooL … and will continue to improve.

The reason I say that the “system” (machine) is complete is because the entire So CooL SoCooL Network is based on the simple notions that…

Positive Thinking, Positive Goal Setting, Positive Processing Works

Working Together Each Multiplies The Other

Human beings learn best from the positive behavior of themselves and others. Everyone multiplies the benefits of their own positive experiences when they are constantly “plugged” in to a positive experience “machine” … real people reporting on their own and other peoples real life successes.

The So CooL SoCooL Network  “automated” to gather and publish these positive reports daily … hourly … moment by moment.

There is ONE additional significant ingredient.  Now that you’ve got the opportunity to “plug in” to a primarily positive network that reports on positive achievements of all kinds …

What YOU are going To Do NOW?

What are you To Doing NOW to help yourself and set and achieve more positive goals?  CAN you do something more to help yourself, others and the So CooL SoCooL Network? I’m sure looking forward to finding out!







You do watch some of these videos Full Screen … Yes?





One response to “What’s So CooL SoCooL Next?

  1. What a great time to step up to the plate and help out The So CooL SoCooL Network … Great Time!

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