So CooL SoCooL Virtualizing Positives

Here’s something Far Beyond and yet way too simple  for all people to understand … currently. Feel free to post this if you LIKE.

The KEYS To ALL Our Successes Include VIRTUALIZATION !!!
VIRTUALIZE POSITIVES !!! Think About It! To Do It!
I’m constantly helping to make my life and others better by
VIRTUALIZING POSITIVES !!! (Put that in your Online Dictionary)
The So CooL SoCooL Good Times Curating Features Have Returned  including ARCHIVES. From now until further notice, So CooL SoCooL The Good Times Online Newspapers, in the entirety, will be available in the archives. That will include the 100’s of positive stories, photos, pictures and videos reported by 100’s of So CooL SoCooL Spotters.

I wonder what happens when 1000’s of people continue to multiply positives? Stay tunes while we all find out.

Our current and future successes rely on our skill at virtualizing positives. Networks are for sharing.


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