So CooL SoCooL Bad News / Good News

IF … 

  • You have some TIME. (28 Minutes)
  • You ENJOY the process of setting positive goals and achieving them.
  • You UNDERSTAND the benefits of
    doing good things over and over.

Get Ready For

SoCooL Bad News / Good News

And Your Part In It

SoCooL guy wakes up in a hospital bed. The first things he sees is an absolutely gorgeous nurse ( of course ).

“Where am I? What’s happened?”

The nurse replies, “I’ve got some good news and some bad news, which do you want first?”

Guy says, “Give me the bad news.”

Nurse says, “You’ve been in a TERRIBLE ACCIDENT. Overnight we had to amputate both your legs.”

Guys says, “What’s the good news?”

Nurse says, “‘So CooL SoCooL The Good Times‘ , ‘SoCooLTV,’ ‘SoCooL Scoop It’  (No Schitt)

“The guy in the next bed wants to buy your slippers!”


REAL LIFE Good News Bad News story

It IS ALL About Turning This Lemon


Follow Closely – Play Your Part


Happy Anniversary SoCooL.Com

The very good news is , started on May 22, 1995, came to it’s founder as the answer to a twenty year old goal … to participate in a process where large groups of people, everybody, set and achieve more positive goals for themselves and others.

TODAY … May 22, 2012

  • SoCooL has been publishing interactively for 17 years.
  • SoCooL now broadcasts nearly 100 complete television shows on a wide variety of primarily positive topics, each with up to 200 constantly updating YouTube videos.
  • So CooL SoCooL The Good Times is a constantly updating daily newspaper that emphasizes real life stories, pictures and videos from real life people setting and achieving positive goals worldwide. The largest positive reporting period in history and growing.
  • Lots of folks are busy turning bad news into good news, including US.  We have new home / office / studio 7 Day A Week 24  Hour A Day Broadcasting Space Moments Away


Back In The Chemotherapy Saddle Again

SoCooLBob Kennedy got the bad news that it’s time to schedule a new series (The Doctor says 6 rounds – two days of infusion each three weeks – I will be lobbying for 3 or 4 rounds – two days of infusion each four weeks) of chemotherapies.  We will be using Retuxin And Treanda in a slightly smaller dose than before.  We interrupted the last chemotherapy after three founds of two infusions because my white blood cell count got too low.  That was about the time of this video.

HENCE … Lemons Into Lemonades

Wouldn’t It Be Nice?

To Make This The Biggest POSITIVE



There are two or three IMPORTANT THINGS  I would LIKE to see The So CooL SoCooL Network To Do Next

  • Continue setting and achieving positive goals for ourselves and others.  We want to ontinue the improvement in quality and quantity of content, content providers,  presentations.  We want to continue encouraging others To Do the same.  People are constantly achieving good things and we want to know about it. People surrounded by people doing better do better and we know it!
  • Continue to grow the number, quality and quantity of regular participants and supporters. We are most definitely looking to increase the number of participants and sponsors who KNOW they and others will benefit from adding more positives through the So CooL SoCooL Network. 
  • Get YOU Off Your   To Help Us Raise Some MONEY!

  •  If So CooL SoCooL is to become a complete  success story, you KNOW it also has to raise some money and that’s a good thing, yes?  There are definitely some So CooL SoCooL things we can spend your positive contributions on. SO (Sew) … LET’S GET IN THERE AND DO OUR PARTS … If you’ve done it before, To Do It Again.  DOUBLE IT!!! You know that you are going to feel TERRIFIC making even a small additional contribution, ESPECIALLY AT THIS TIME. Tell Others.
         So CooL SoCooL Sponsors Give And Get POSITIVE RESULTS
   Your Positive Contributions Will Be Rewarded


are definitely SoCooL for YOU and Others !!!

 In Honor Of ?  On Behalf Of ?


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