So CooL SoCooL – Are We Better Off?

Wondering if Obama and/or some other Democrat is going to say …







The Ground War In Iraq Is OVER … IT began in the Republican Administration … Their LEADERSHIP was to START and CONTINUE  TWO WARS, not paid for.  In the spirit of bi-partisanship Democrats agreed with the start of those wars. In the spirit of bi-partisanship a President who disagreed with the war perpetuated it and is perpetuating it to what he and others describe as a responsible resolution.  Osama Bin Laden and more than half of the leaders of Al Qaeda are dead.  Some Christians are pleased.

We lost nearly 800,000 JOBS in one month while the current administration was winning the election four years ago. We had the revelation … from the previous PRESIDENT that we were so UPSIDE DOWN we needed to spend nearly ONE TRILLION BORROWED DOLLARS IMMEDIATELY … to SAVE US. The quarter prior to the election was the worst financial quarter in 80 years.

If I had cancer (which I had and I do), I could NOT buy medical insurance at any reasonable cost … FOREVER.

If I had private health insurance (which I did,)  the decisions that would be made regarding my health coverage were decided by GOVERNMENTS … AND HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANIES.  (Governments Regulate Health Insurance TODAY) (In my case, a $750 month health insurance policy with many deductibles including a $40 co-pay Dr.’s visit  DENIED A DOCTOR ORDERED PET SCAN …  (and other medical proceedures) more than once … BECAUSE …. Who made that medical decision? Any fool could discover that the decisions that were made were BECAUSE OF THE HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY I HAD (which was NOT MY CHOICE, but one of my employers) … and NOT MEDICAL WISDOM.  With a different health coverage, that decision, I quickly discovered, would have been totally different.)

The downsizing of government IS TAKING PLACE. The LOSS of JOBS that has occurred in the last TWO PLUS YEARS is GOVERNMENT JOBS ( yes – including teachers, and firefighters and cops).  PRIVATE SECTOR JOBS have been increasing every month.

Which group has consistently promoted it’s policies to the point of DISAGREEMENT .. over and over and over and over?  (Democrats reluctantly agreed with two wars and a Medicare add-on that was created but NOT PAID FOR.  Calculation of the cost of war was not even included in “the budget.”  They call it “off budget.”) Are we better off now that our government representatives are MORE FREE TO DISAGREE?  Well, maybe not.



What else did you want to talk about relative to better off?



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