New York Yankees vs San Francisco Giants @ Candlestick park Ralph Terry vs Jack Sanford


I’ve had a few stumbling blocks in my 66 years … a few really Cool Times. One of my favorite testimonials includes:

  • It is a smart person who learns from (and engineers) their own POSITIVE EXPERIENCES
  • It is a WISE person who learns from and does their best to improve on the POSITIVE EXPERIENCES of others.

Yes, I’m getting old. Yes, I’ve got recurrent non-Hodgkins lymphoma.

AND … when I was a little kid and even a little older (1962) it certainly would have been my DREAM to be able to stay home and watch ball games of all kinds AT ANY TIME … ON DEMAND … including reliving yesterday, TODAY and tomorrow’s World Series (S)

Dreamers … I recommend you Dream On! POSITIVELY!

2012 World Series

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