Your Contribution NOW Will Make A HUGE POSITIVE DIfference

So CooL SoCooL, The Good Times, Scoops, Our Facebook Pages, Twitter and more are ALL dedicated to the notion that “WE” … as a team … can use the internet and it’s communications tools to:

  • Set and Achieve More Positive Goals – individual goals, group goals, community goals, corporate goals, national goals, international goals, spiritual goals and more.
  • This new technology gives us new ways to “build the perfect model” … how we can behave the best AND communicate it as it relates to REAL LIFE PROBLEMS happening in YOUR LIFE, other’s lives, other group’s lives.
  • This new techology give us all ways to PRACTICE these positive steps and behaviors in more and better ways than any time in history.  Analogy:  Learning how to achieve more as individuals and as a society is now capable of growing in quality and quantity in much the same way POKER grew ,,, in the same way yo-yo skills and communities have grown … in the same way there is SISTAR.

So CooL SoCooL believes it has learned many of the ways and will, by continuing to broadcast and communicate help self and others to learn and do many ways better.

So CooL SoCooL is developing more and better ways for each of YOU to help.  YOU help by your partcipation … by setting positive goals, achieving and communicating them. You can now help by taking advantage of and/or suggesting others take advantage of”

So CooL SoCooL CLassifieds

So CooL Sponsor’s Benefits

So CooL SoCooL is continuing to look for more and better ways to add positives, including economics.  We know we can continue to set positive goals for ourselves and others … and achieve them.


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