So CooL SoCooL TODAY Is The 4th Day Of The Rest Of Our LIVES

The SUCCESS PATTERNS of SPORTS are more clearly described, more easily achieved than others where individuals and groups seem to have had LESS PRACTICE

TODAY is The 4th Day of the Rest of our LIVES

TODAY is the continued beginning of a new set of goals and To Do’s for SoCooL, The Good Times, SoCooLTV and the SoCooL Network

We are going to do our best to follow the success formula and describe the PERFECT WORLD … individually and collectively … if the United States and the World were doing it’s very best to achieve it. I hope that you and your favorite others will join in this exercise.

This comment is the first that will begin in The Good Times … several advantages including that the original comment and replies show up on our favorite Facebook TIMELINE.
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Individuals and Groups Setting and Achieving More Positive Goals.
Bob Kennedy · Top Commenter · Publisher/Producer at SoCooL.Com / SoCooLTV · 420 subscribers.

TODAY is the 4th Day of The Rest Of Our LIVES

Before the election, So CooL SoCooL got the feeling that the days after the election would be a TIME for DOUBLING our approach to helping individuals, the nation and the world set and achieve more positive goals even more successfully. Included in those thoughts are the notion that in order to satisfy the Successful Pattern it would be necessary, desirable, extremely functional to “end” this notion that “we” cannot talk about either religion and/or politics in separate discussions or in discussions of these subjects together. The way Success Models Work is that we FIRST develop a clear understanding of what the situation would look LIKE if it were PERFECT. Knowing what it might look LIKE if it were PERFECT helps individuals and groups to conform their behavior in a direction more closely approaching that perfection.

THAT’S the way ALL our SUCCESSES WORK…. That’s the way this SUCCESS will work as well.


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