So CooL SoCooL Game Changer

So CooL SoCooL Gamechanger … A Change Of Course


The date of this blog posting is significant.  The physical changes occurring in the life of SoCooLBob are significant. The mental changes are significant. The present is significant. The future will be significant as well.

The Triangle of Success

An online constantly updating TV Show dedicated to the notion that setting positive goals, thinking positive thoughts and taking positive actions is a formula we can all use to achieve greater success for ourselves and others.

Sometime near the end of November, 2012, after six months of intensive chemotherapy, for the 8th time in 10 years, SoCooLBob developed a new transformed” non Hodgkins lymphoma.  Unlike the low grade, recurrent, non-Hodgkins lymphoma that SoCooLBob has been treating and fighting for the last 10 years, “transformed” lymphoma is a great deal more aggressive and fast growing, more potentially “life threatening,” also more “curable,”  maybe.


Now, in January of 2013, SoCooLBob has had a biopsy of this new lymphoma, has had a consultation with one of the world’s Number One Cancer treatment centers, Stanford Hospital, and has some current recommendations as to preferred methods for treatment.


The recommended treatment, as you might imagine, is a great deal more “aggressive” also.

First, I need to get a bone marrow biopsy and ECHO heart exam. Once those results are received … in about two weeks … we will likely schedule a 5 day hospital visit for chemotherapy.

January 25, 2013 Christmas In January

TODAY will be the day that I enter the hospital to undergo five consecutive days   (GLW) of chemotherapy.   Conversation, so far, seems to be this is a “tough” chemotherapy.   I can tell you there seem to be some tough things going on in my body so hopefully this is the right remedy at the right time, that I can take it, and that the positive results last a long time.

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