Daniel Perry – Aging: The Disease, The Cure, The Implications

Daniel Perry, Executive Director of the Alliance for Aging Research in Washington, D.C. heads the leading citizen advocacy organization in the nation, promot…

Daniel Patrick Perry … The young man (at 15 or so) who taught SoCooLBob what it meant To Be A Friend … not based on what I did or felt for him … rather based on what He Did, under some most difficult circumstances, for me.

Thank You Dan Perry for THAT LIFELONG LESSON … and continued friendship !!!

Bob Kennedy‘s insight:

Bob Kennedy http://thankyou.socool.com
for your EXCELLENT RESPONSE … lengthy, well thought out, very communicative.

My expertise, the thing that I bring to the table, is 67 years of experience, about 40 or so of which include the “study” of “successful” human behavior.

(A modern version, perhaps?, of “Ain’t Gonna Study War No More – human beings don’t achieve maximum success when they are taught by negative experience, their own or others – they achieve best when guided by positive goals, real or imagined – their own positive experiences, especially one’s they help manufacture, and the likewise positive experiences of others. This I submit is what successful achievers DO.)

(Indeed, while facing a toughest current challenge, 4 months of in hospital (5 days every three weeks) chemotherapy, immediately following 6 months of clinical chemotherapy for a lower level of lymphoma), I am taking on “successfully” the writing and publishing a simple book which will do it’s best to attempt to outline “the process successful people, groups, etc.” use to achieve their successes – across the boards – religious, political, personal, etc.

That’s what my study of my own positive experiences and the many, many, many positive experiences of others has “taught” me.

(When I publish/broadcast a video it doesn’t necessarily imply I agree or disagree with it’s content – it does imply – certainly in many cases – that I think it deserves to be a part of the conversation)

(Conversation = Communication
Successful behavior, very early on in the “process,” includes the important skill of Communication. If we can’t “talk about it” that can be an important clue that we are not following the process that has helped ourselves and others achieve greater successes. Consider this important SKILL component and hence one of the URL’s for the SoCooL Triangle of Success.
If you want a short cut to success it includes finding someone who’s done it and learn from what they did, are doing right.)

Perhaps, you and I will enjoy more positive conversations, including the successful experiences of ourselves and others.

See on www.youtube.com

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