So CooL SoCooL Round Two Day Two OUT …

SoCooLBob visits Redwood Oncology for Neulasta Shot. Neulasta shot speeds up the regrowth of the white blood cells which the chemotherapy is designed to knock out.  This is round  two of potentiallly six in hospital chemotherapies … so far … we are doing a really good job of managing the side effects, and the chemotherapy is doing a really good job of killing the cancer.  What started out in the first round as a grapefruit became a plum and has now become not palpable, meaning there is no round mass to feel.

Next step is  to get through  a ten day regimen  of dual anbiotics … recover to PET SCAN to see just exactly where we are and then schedule more chemotherapy  as necessary.

On the personal, human relations, business, internet side of things, SoCooLBob has begun the writing of the ultimate success role model book .. God YO! The Triangle Of  Success

Using this mountain as a motivation to step up his own and hopefully others games.

We can. The Number One Principal says  we CAN.
We will, because we WANT TO!


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