Where to start?

SoCooLBob was born to a special family, introduced to the world by some special people and went on.

At 6 or 8 he recalls looking up with gratitude / thanks,  an open heart and open hands, to say thank you for the intelligence, the physical wellness and attributes  he had apparently been given by a loving God.  He also recalls making a speech to help save his parent’s marriage at about 8, but that’s an additional story.

Over the years, Bob demonstrated various athletic and scholastic skills.  He graduated high  school having played a little baseball and basketball …  he attended college with an emphasis in the Humanities, a Major in Accounting and a Minor in Philosophy …. repeat ?  Major in Accounting Minor In Philosophy.  Bob was very good in Accounting (extremely good), extremely  good in Psychology and Business Law and pretty good in philosophy as well (that would be a subjective value judgment not necessarily shared by all).  He scored in top 1 percentile on the Legal Scholastic Aptitude Test. (LSAT)

Graduating San Jose State, Bob got married, had a child Robert Kennedy Jr., deferred military service, got divorced and went into a severe depression for about two years. Instead of becoming a lawyer he became a sales person.

Think On These Things” by Joyce Hifler became important.  Remember that the YOU beneath the storm clouds IS different than the you beneath the Sun (Son) and know something.  The YOU beneath the Sun is the real one.

AT 26 Bob attended the Dale Carnegie Sales Course, and then the Human Relations Public Speaking Course, The Course On Management, The Course On Customer Relations and several graduate seminars. Eventually he became a Certified Instructor as he developed what would be a significant theme in his life.

The Triangle Of Success

There is a power in the universe designed to help ANYONE achieve their most positive goals.

Bob has gone on to enjoy a few major successes, a few lesser successes, an additional son Jonathan, now 33, a couple of grand kids, ten years of treating and surviving treatment for non-Hodgkins Lymphoma, a few more skills in communications and human relations including web publishing (1995), TV and video production (1975) until …

Now, 3/7/12
SoCooLBob, So CooL SoCooL and related activities proclaim …

IT IS DONE! IT IS BUILT! The system for creating the atmosphere for more people setting more positive goals and achieving them is in place.  Nearly 100 primarily positive television shows, each with up to 200 videos, a So CooL SoCooL Good Times Newspaper that curates 1,000’s of real life stories, pictures and videos daily, from 1.000’s of real life reporters.

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